El-Sharieff "Captain Kirkman" Kirkman-Bio

-The year was 80,
-Birth the baby,

-A child was born,
-A new life was sworn,

-Into existence
-By the powers that be,
-Into existence
-From a seed grows a tree,

-Into existence
-Will he earn any stripes?
-Into existence
-As he breathes the air of life

  A roller coaster ride from day one.  Born to the slums of NYC early 80s.  One of nine children.  Raised by a single Mom.  The earliest childhood memories are of rat infested shelters, graffiti filled trains, and crack valve filled school yards.  1st ever passion was "Football."  It made me a focused athlete, a focused individual, a focused person.  It allowed me a distraction from the everyday nightmare ofthe American ghetto of the late 20th century.  Through it I channeled all of my pain, anger, fear, and aggression- it was a way out of a box,
while still sitting in the middle of one. Because I was able to psychologically escape through channeling those emotions into a productive means, it led me, also, to physically escape that environment with that sport,
through Higher Education.

  Now even though I escaped the physical environment of that ghetto nightmare, the psychological nightmare from that environment was still heavily placed in my mind.  It was at this time I realized that I needed another way out.  Another way to release the pain, anger, fear, and aggression, which haunted me.  First I tried counseling-it didn't do the job.  Second, I tried Psychologist'- it didn't do the job.  Now knowing that I needed another way to release these
built up emotions, I begin to write, but as I begin to write I realized that what I was writing sounded poetic, so I begin to write all the time.  Then once I realized that I could move any crowd at any given moment with my words, I begin to perform all the time.  And after winning contest after
contest a book was born- "Thoughts of a Beautiful Mind."  And from that book much bigger shows happened.  And because there were bigger shows, I needed other performers, so I brought in more
Poets- And "Poetically Contagious" was born.

  Now the day before one of those big shows, I was introduced to a dancer by the name of "J-1,2."He performed for me and I love his performance so I put him in that big' show.  After that great show, I asked "J-1,2" if he would dance at my next show, and this is where he told me that he could sing as well, so I had him sing on the spot and I was blown away. From "J-1,2" singing is where I got the inspiration to go from just doing live performances to recording in the studio.  And a few weeks after I met and heard "J-1,2", we were in the studio recording our first single with a very skilled, and talented Rapper/Producer.  And with sub-par equipment we were making studio quality songs.  Three months after recording our first single, I was able to get three of our songs in regular rotation on the radio, as well as lock down our first live radio interview.  That interview went great, but soon after, things fell apart with the Rapper/Producer we were working with.  So we were out of a Rapper, Producer, and studio, all in one blow.  Knowing that something had to be done, and knowing that I'm used to
going through hellish situations, I tightened up my belt strap and begin to grind.  "1st" I taught myself, how to rap- started off good, then I got nice.  "2nd" I saved up the money, and got professional studio equipment.  And "3rd" I taught myself how to produce...  We needed a Rapper- "I became one."  We needed studio equipment- "I brought some of the best."  We needed a producer- "I became one."  After I met "J-1,2" and we seen a little success, the whole roller coaster ride we been on, I went through a transformation.  "1st"  I was just a Writer/Poet/Author, after working with "J-1,2" for twelve months I also became a Rapper/Producer.  I did all this because I realized the unbelievable talent that each group member was.  I did all this because I realized the unbelievable talent that each group member has.  I did all this because "we are" "Poetically Contagious."     

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