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There comes a time though, when you have turned up as much as is humanly possible, and the only turn remaining is the turn left.

And on the brightly shining “Toss him Aside,” Poetically Contagious take that turn, without losing their authentic old school vibe. On the contrary, they actually inject some more vintage sounds into this single. There are the soulful...

It’s understood that in hip-hop, innovations in character, texture and presentation are just as important as those in lyrical dexterity and punch lines. The key is to be able to achieve all that innovation without losing your traditional roots if you want to be a serious genre contender – with the release of “Toss Him Aside,” Poetically Contagious aim to be just that!

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This is a duo with unfettered creativity. “Toss Him Aside” opens with some surprising acoustic guitar before bringing other elements into the mix. The shimmering synthesizer lines, understated bass, and light percussion joining the acoustic guitar is layered with a great amount of finesse and the song’s production values remain strong throughout the duration of the track. The first vocal doesn’t enter until nearly a minute into the song but, unlike similar outfits and performers, Poetically Contagious has a firm grasp on the importance of balancing voice against the backing track without one part assuming dominance over the other. The running time for the track of a little over four minutes is ideal and gives the duo time to develop their musical and lyrical ideas without ever rushing anything. “Toss Him Aside” evolves with great attention to detail and a bunch of musicality supporting the vocal.

The subject matter is familiar to anyone who listens to popular music – a beautiful girl is urged to dump a man who doesn’t properly appreciate her or treat her right. The lyrical content, however, makes much more of the subject matter than we are, perhaps, accustomed to in….. 

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Get ready for a great platter of music in 2017 from this duo. Poetically Contagious has connected in a big way with their latest single “Toss Him Aside” thanks to its brave and intelligent mix of kinetic musical elements and avoids anything smacking of self indulgence or pretentiousness. This isn’t music with an agenda expect relating personal experience and doesn’t waste any of the listener’s time with unproductive sidebars and extraneous nonsense. Poetically Contagious look to engage the listener physically and mentally with strong music that isn’t merely some placeholder for their lyrical excursions and words that veer from impressive wordplay into.....

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“Toss Him Aside” opens with some light acoustic guitar that’s soon coupled with a slinky beat and fat, but never omnipresent, bass. Poetically Contagious take their time setting listeners up for the vocal and, when it comes in, the song feels quite complete. Unlike some bands or performers, the backing track for Poetically Contagious isn’t some empty vehicle intended to carry the vocal without having anything of its own to say. Instead, the surprisingly light-footed density of this track embodies the attitude of the vocalist and the lyrics alike. It never loses its way and stays focused throughout. There’s no fat on this track at all – everything serves a purpose and their musical/artistic choices are.....

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 "The lyrics mine a familiar subject in popular song, a vocalist who wants a lady to dump her unappreciative and abusive boyfriend, but it depicts the subject with a lot of fresh details and an unique ability for turning phrases that helps it stand out from similarly themed efforts. Poetically Contagious, however, never bites off anymore than they can chew. The lyrics are never too much, never overexert themselves, and maintain the same strong focus on their subject that listeners hear in the musical arrangement."


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