Born into the slums of Brooklyn, NY in the early 80s, there was only two things that I had held close to my heart, family and respect. I knew that by staying true to both, I would be alright. As a child coming up in such an area, there was only one thing that could take my mind off the nightmares of my everyday surroundings - FOOTBALL!


It gave me feelings of strength, power, and allowed me to get lost in it every time I stepped on the field. And this is how I came to meet El-Sharieff Kirkman at Beach Channel High School (aka Captain Kirkman). His love for football represented everything that my love for it, represented - Strength and Power. Seeing how passionate and dedicated he was to it, only made our friendship grow stronger.


After High school we temporarily lost contact and headed to different colleges to pursue our dreams of playing in the NFL. Now although we fought as hard as we could, battle after battle, we came up short. But we can't be too disappointed, coming from where we came from, 9 out of 10 people didn't even make it to college. So I'm still proud of both of us for giving it everything we had. I got a couple of degrees. Started a non-profit organization to help out my community, and I met some real interesting people, such as Danny Glover.


After college I got back in touch with "Captain Kirkman" to catch up on the time we had missed and also to make sure that we didn't lose contact again. After reminiscing on old times, he told me about his book that he wrote "Thoughts of a Beautiful Mind" and how I was one of the two people that he dedicated it to. Now for the 4 years of High School we spent hanging out, and then not speaking for over 5 years (just cause our circumstances pushed us in different directions), I thought it was real cool for him still holding on to our friendship that strong, to dedicate his 1st book to me- that's respect!


About 6 months after we got back in touch, he told about a real talented singer/dancer named J-1,2 that he had met. He told how they had started doing shows together and recording songs in the studio. He told that he was serious about it, and knowing him, when he's serious about something his dedication is second to none, so I asked if I could manage their team, and without hesitation, he said yes.

Now since that time we have been on an unbelievable roller coaster ride from bringing in new artist, and producers, then parting ways with them, to being interviewed by National Entertainment magazines (Such as MAMI Magazine), and shooting a major music video with the #1 music video director in L.A. Edward Mendoza, its been crazy. But it's great to say, since Summer 2011, our group, our label has been reaching new height, after new height AND THE ROLLER COASTER RIDE HAS STOPPED, LOL!  Now every day its like something even more amazing, than what happened the previous day, happens.  And this seems like a regular occurrence now - one that I'm really thankful for.  God willing, it'll continue this way. Poetically Contagious FOREVER! And I'm out- PEACE!








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