Born to the ghettos of Miami, Florida in the early 80s, I’ve seen things that a kid shouldn’t see; from drugs and death, to severe family suffering- it would all eat me up inside.  To find a way out, searching for a better life, I turned to music (Michael Jackson with his singing and dancing) and sports (football) for inspiration.  As a kid growing up in 1980s Miami, if you wanted a way out, you either had to rap or sing, or play ball- football.  I chose to play football and sing (and dance). 

Watching someone like Michael Irvin make it out, of the Miami ghetto, by playing football, that gave me a lot of inspiration to hit the field, train hard and see how I far I can go with it.  So I would train hard everyday after school, and that lead me being accepted to a college in NY (SUNY Canton).  This is where I met El (or El-Sharieff) (better known now as “Captain Kirk – Man!).  The love that we shared for football is how our bond begin to grow strong, and then stronger.  Now although we didn’t make it to the NFL, we didn’t get too down on ourselves because we know that we trained as hard as we could and gave it everything we had – so there’s no regrets.  While up at SUNY Canton, I was able to meet great friends, like; EL, Curtis, and Walt and Miguel (featured in the pic with me below).

After college I moved back down to Miami to see if I could find a good job, and a good life in the areas where I grew up in.  Now although there have been some ups and downs in the job market in my area, I stayed positive and just kept on pushing.  While this pushing and fighting was taking place, I got a call from EL about starting our own Record Label.  Now although I was going through some ups and downs with the job market in my area, I wasn’t sure (at first) if I should start this Label up with EL (Because I didn’t know much about the music business).  But after speaking with him, long and hard about what our Label would be and what it would stand for – my confidence went through the roof.  He let me know about the different ideas that he had for the Label, and he explained to me that because he knew I could sing and dance, and loved R&B, and wrote a lot of poetry that me being a part of this would only make sense, it would only work out for the best.

Now here it is early July (2012), “and I see that he was right.”  Since the group Poetically Contagious was formed in 2010 and the Label in 2011, we have been in 2 National Entertainment magazines, and we just shot a major music video with L.A.s #1 music video director- Edward Mendoza, due out next month.  So I guess we’re doing ok.  It’s a great ride, and I know in my heart that it’s just beginning.  Poetically Contagious – “Skies the limit.”

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